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Elliephant & Peanis

Ellpea <3

elliephant & peanis
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"Safe as houses, pair of trousers,
What a laugh, lets do another half!"

\m/, arriva trains wales, ayingerbrau, babbykins, baby!, being secretive and elitist, bloke breast ter, boiled squashed root vegetables, bournemouth, champers, cheapy pound shops, counting down the days, doin' it, dwt, elliephant, just gonna nip t'loo, lets get wet, man in the box, me, munk-eee, murenger, national express, never being apart again, nice one bruvva, nicotine & tar, noodles, not old dock, oyster bar, peanis, pils on tap, primark, rainy blackpool, secret cwtches, shakespeare, snoochie boochies, stink-fisting, strewth, swing, the newport wave, the sweaty castle, tidy, tidy aye butt, tudor pubs, vics inhalers, wayuls, welsh/manc impersonations, wenglish, wisey, y'alright, yeast & hops, you